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The Best Cities to study at Universities in Germany

Universities in Germany

There are many options of universities in Germany include the prestigious universities in Western Europe. In 2019, there is 3 top list of Germany’s highest ranked universities record in QS World University Ranking, they are Technische Universitat Munchen (ranked at 61st in the world), Ludwig Maximilian Universitat Munchen (62nd rank) and Ruprecht Karls Universitat (64th). Totally, there are 13 universities in Germany that make as world’s top 250 and there are 30 that included among the top 500.  In addition, as world-class universities, Germany also offers low or even free tuition cost, a scholarship scheme for international students, extensive supports and high quality of life which make study in Germany more interesting.

Student’s cities in Germany

  1. Berlin is one of the cities that equal to the coolterm of London and New York. This city is well known with tolerant, multicultural and creativity and also inexpensive city to live for students. There are top universities in Berlin that include as 150 world’s top rank universities, Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Freie Universitat Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin.
  2. Munich is a city that voted as one of the most livable cost cities in the world. Munich is also home for 2 highest rank universities in Germany. The Technische Universitat Munchen and also Ludwig Maximilians University Munchen. With the sleek modem financial hub, Munich can be one of the cities in Germany that can be a little cost pricey for the international student but you can enjoy the beautiful countryside of Bavarian.
  3. Heidelberg is a city in Germany that part of most dense areas. However, Heidelberg has the top and famous universities Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg which is the oldest and 3rd highest ranked in Germany (and also 64th in the world rank).
  4. Cologne is a town that well known for its liberal and tolerant nature. The city has a dramatic and popular cathedral, Kolner Dom. This city has vibrant student communities which peppered with art galleries and museum, and have a good line of independent stores and beer halls. Cologne is a good choice for those who want to explore Western Europe. The University of Cologne is a university that becomes one of the largest universities in Germany and ranked in 306tg in world rank university.
  5. Frankfurt is one of the city that become beating of heart for Germany’s financial and business sector. This city has a university that ranked in 279th world university rank, University Frankfurt is Main that well known particularly strong in social science.

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